Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ella's birthday and other news

Ella's birthday party was on Saturday and it was a succeess. It was a small party but lots of fun. Ella's friends Ethan and Jocelyn were there to help her get the candy out of the pinata. We had a "Cars" movie theme - hand picked by Miss E herself. Ella got lots of great gifts and the proof is scattered all over the house. ;)

Jacob's 2nd physical therapy appointment was this morning. Eric ended up taking him because the roads/visibility wasn't too hot and I'm not super confident in my driving lately since I only do it once ever few weeks or so. Jacob is doing well at the appointments and according to Eric is a charmer - but, we already knew that!

In other exciting news - Jacob can sit up by himself for several minutes! Very exciting.

Boden is getting better at sitting up as well. He still isn't too crazy about tummy time. Jacob, on the other hand, immediately rolls onto his tummy when placed on his back.

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