Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Night

Eric got the pool all set up, and the water warmed up enough for us to take a dip yesterday. We didn't fill it all the way up, so that Ella could stand in it herself if she wanted to. She loves that! The boys love it, Boden more than Jacob. Jacob kept splashing himself in the face! I got some cute pics that I need to upload.

Eric decided yesterday afternoon that he didn't want to work at night. So, I called Sara and she came down to watch the kiddos for us. We went to Tea for TeaPot Days. Went to a bar for a few minutes to listen to the band and then to a friend's house. Some of Eric's college friends were there so we sat around the fire for a few hours before heading home. It was such a gorgeous night!

I just got one of Amanda's (TaylorMade Designs) new kits - Peaches & Regalias. SO pretty. I can't wait to start using it - hopefully everyone cooperates for naptime! Some of the papers match Ella's swimsuit perfectly - YAY!

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