Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 2!

So far today I have taken the kids for a walk. Ella rode her bike and I pushed the boys in their stroller. Heavy damn thing. Anyway, I am hoping to go for a solo bike ride later today when Eric gets home. But, I think taking a walk with them is a good start.

Ella did have a small wipeout. She started really cruising on her bike and as we went down a tiny hill, she went into the grass and took a tumble. She was more scared than hurt. She got mad and said she was never riding her bike again. Roughly 2 seconds later she got back on it and we went home. :) My little trooper!


katg1006 said...

Awwww she had a spill :( She is soo a trooper to get back on and ride home!! Congrats on Day 2!! Your doing fabulously!

Mary Ellen said...

That's excellent exercise pushing the stroller!! WTG! I'm glad to hear she got back on her bicycle. That's my kind of woman. Heehee.

faery-wings said...

That is exactly what happened to Cait last year! Poor kiddos.
If you keep pushing that double stroller your arms are goone rock!!