Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What day is it?

Goodness. The last few days have been wild! I had my fun, fun class reunion on Saturday. We had a blast. I had a great time with my kiddos visiting my ma, stepdad and great grama. And the kids had even more fun. ;) I have lots of pics to share.

Then, Monday Eric decided that we should go camping. Yeeeeesh. I had just finished unpacking from the weekend! Monday it was rainy so we decided on Tuesday. Packed up and left. It was fun, but really tiring. Camping with 11 1/2 month old twinksters is not relaxing!! They prefer to eat sand and stay up all night. Not my kind of fun. I have so much to unpack and wash.

But, I got home today, checked my blog updates, and see I won a gift card from Miss Sally!!!! YAY!!!!! Totally made my day.

I tell ya what, I am still on this habit, too. I did some bike riding and walking yesterday. Plus 10 trips to the beach and back to the car. Hee hee! Plus today we went on a hike, and after Ella bit it on the path, I had to give her a piggy back ride uphill the rest of the way back!!


katg1006 said...


Congrats on keeping up with your habit challenge :) So how did you make out with the kiddos and the tent? Did the try to escape? I am soo nervous about my little guy..

I am glad the reunion was fun :) Can't wait to see all your pics!

sally aka cellomom said...

ohhhhh Congrats, Tali!! sounds like a wonderful weekend and week...have fun shoppin' darlin' and thanks for the inspiration!