Saturday, August 30, 2008

Need a new blog header!

Mine is so huge, but I've been too lazy to resize. ;) Oh well. I'll fix it up soon!

So, this weekend we have a few things planned. Tonight we have a surprise 30th bday party for a friend. My awesome ma is coming up today to watch the kids for us. We are going to supper with some friends first, I'm crossing my fingers for Chevy's b/c I'd kill for some good chips and salsa and a big fat margarita on the rocks with extra salt! We are also stopping at Melissa's house so I can 'shop' in her closet. She has great stuff, and we wear pretty much the same size shirt. I'm hoping I can squeeze into a pair of her jeans as well. We shall see. My 3-baby tummy isn't too friendly. ;)

Anyway, tomorrow night my mom, sis and some friends are going to a drag show in Sioux Falls, I'm really excited. Never been to one, it will be so fun to have a girl's night with my fam!

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