Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have really been slacking on posting here lately! But, with Boden being sick, then a busy weekend, then a few more busy days, the time just flies by.

B is finally feeling better, back to his crazy little self. The boys (and Eric) got haircuts on Monday. They look like such little men now! So adorable. Their curls are gone but I'm sure in a week they will be back. :)

I got my hair done Tuesday, YAY! My roots were bad. Got a nice trim, new layers, highlights and lowlights. AND ... (Too much Info ALERT!) I'm getting a bikini wax on Friday for vacation!!!!! Whooooooo boy. I'm pretty excited about it, I know it will hurt but I've been through much worse pain.

We leave Sunday for vacation, Okoboji, until Thursday. I hope it goes ok. Hopefully the kids sleep well. That is my main concern. The weather looks to be nice, about 80 degrees, the whole time. I'm crossing my fingers.

Ella got a fun weekend last weekend, she went to stay with my mom and stepdad, Friday through Sunday. They spoiled her rotten! She loved every minute of it. They took her to a fair/carnival, she went on rides and played a ton of games and brought home some fun stuff. She went to the river swimming, went to a movie, and made stepping stones. My kids are so lucky to have such kickass grandparents. We really missed her, especially Eric (she is such a daddy's girl) but I know how good it was for her to go. She needs that special time.

Speaking of which, she starts preschool on the 25th of August! Good grief. Where did my little baby go?

She drew this pic of my this morning - I am jumping rope. :) My little artist.

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katg1006 said...

Tali - I know the feeling..Nick had curls and when he got a hair cut they all disappeared to. I always couldn't wait for them to come back because I didn't want him getting too big too fast *LOL* Love the drawing of you - how cute - what a fantastic artist :)