Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun and Sick, Sick, Sick!

Saturday night we went to a friend's house for an "ugly outfit party." It was SO fun!

Sunday, Eric's sister, Monica, got her master's degree so we went to her graduation ceremony and out for lunch after.

I am still sick. Today I can't stop gagging. Lovely image, isn't it!

Today I am grateful for my husband, who stayed home Friday while I was sick and is coming home early today. He is an amazing person.

I am also grateful for Melissa, for staying at our house Saturday night so we could go to the party. And she truly loves doing it, so that makes it so much easier for us because we don't feel guilty.

I am grateful for my mom - she is coming next week to help me tackle the kids while Eric is in West Virginia for 6 days.

I am grateful for my sister - she is making Ella's birthday cake this year and it is going to be SO cute!

I am proud of Monica - for getting her master's degree.


Madigirl said...

Hey Tali,

I'm tagging you!!
1 - Link back to the blog that tagged you
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Therese said...

Hi girl,

Nice to read about you and your family......