Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, seriously. What is wrong with people sometimes? Why would you take your kid to the pool and let him wreck havoc on other people and their children, while you sit on the bench in your nice little suit and watch? Why would you sit by and not say a word while he splashes little kids, takes their toys, and pushes little girls until they go under? Ugh.

We took the kids to a public pool yesterday. We rarely do this, mostly because we have our own pool, and it is kind of a hassle to drive 1/2 hour to another pool. But, Eric wanted a change of scenery, so we did it yesterday.

This kid was obnoxious. His mom pissed me off. Eric ended up yelling at the kid after the 3rd time he pushed Ella and made her go under. This kid took our kids' toys, splashed us, threw our own beachball at me several times (smacking me in the face each time) and then started hanging on Eric's legs. Ridiculous. Finally his mom made him apologize to us. But, it was too late. We left early, all because of one kid and his pile mother.

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katg1006 said...

Sorry Tali....that just stinks! I hate when parents do that! I think the mom should have been the one to apologize for ignoring the whole situation. (((hugs)))