Thursday, July 2, 2009

I broke myself

I am such a klutz. Horrible. I am usually covered in bruises and I don't remember where they come from. I walk too quickly and don't look where I'm going, so I'm always running into something or stepping on something and hurting myself. Today was no exception.

So - Ella is in this phase where she builds "houses" out of our furniture. She takes our chairs and her toys and her little table and chairs set and this doorway Fisher Price toy thingie, and makes these houses. Today she made one in the hallway. I normally don't care, but, today's house was in between me (the living room and kitchen) and the bedrooms and bathroom in our house. So, at one point Boden was crying (they were all playing in Ella's room while I did dishes) so I went hauling ass to go see what was up. Instead of moving the doorway toy, I tried to jump it. Yes, jump it. Because I'm a damn Olympian hurdler, that's why. This is the thing I tried to go over:

So, to go over it, I lifted my right leg and was going to go over that way, with my left leg following. Instead, I whacked my right knee on the corner of the wall.

Long story short (well, not too short) I said some bad words, and layed on the floor awhile, having a pity party. No one attended.

Anyway, it hurts like hell. My knee is swollen and bruised and I can't really bend it. It has a nasty lump on it. I am pissed.

So, that's my story today. I'm icing this sucker like crazy, hoping that tomorrow I won't have as much trouble chasing down the wild trio.

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