Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New recipes this week

I love to cook. I love trying out new recipes. I'm pretty lucky because Eric is a great taste-tester, and is relatively open to new stuff. So far I've only made like 2 recipes that failed.

I adore I have found some killer recipes there. This week I'm trying a new enchilada recipe. I have a recipe for chicken enchilada casserole, using creamy sauce. I prefer red sauce, and this new recipe - Layered Chicken and Black Bean Enchilada Casserole - uses it. We are trying that one out tomorrow night.

Tonight I'm making kabobs. I haven't made them in forever. I'm using chicken, whole mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. Yuh-to-the-UM. Now ... what to marinate the chicken in? My favorite marinade is Yoshida sauce, but, we're out, and it is only sold at Sam's Club and Costco. So, I need to find a new one. Maybe just olive oil and salt and pepper on the chicken tonight.

Also, I made stromboli last night. We love stromboli at our house. Last night I made it as usual: Frozen bread dough (thawed, of course!), a little pizza sauce, pepperoni, black olives, shredded mozzarella. Then melted butter and garlic salt on top. But, I added fresh mozzarella as well. Holy crap. SO good, so worth it!! I am in love with that stuff. I'm making salad tonight and gonna add fresh mozzarella and tomato slices. Yum!

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