Thursday, July 9, 2009

Preserving Memories

Back in October, with the help and support of my mom and Eric, I decided to start a scrap for hire business. I got a few jobs, mostly wonderful friends. Then, nothing for months.

I'm not a super motivated person - and I honestly don't think my work is good enough to charge enough to make sense of having a business. But, it would feel really good to contribute to my family.

So, with the push of my friend Marj, who is an amazing photographer in Cali, I am revamping my website and trying to get things going again.

I just need faith in myself, I guess.

My amazing friend MiYon is helping with website issues and some professional help, which I am incredibly grateful for. I don't have much website know-how.

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Phoebe said...

Good luck with your business, Tali!! You do amazing work!! Are you kidding?? Not good enough?? Ban those nasty thoughts from your head, girl!! :) You're work is beautiful!! It may take a little time to get it off the ground but it'll happen! Good luck to you, girl!! hugs!! :)