Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 Years

Two years ago, Jacob and Boden were 20 days old. They looked like little old men, wrinkly, skinny, little to no hair. Flippin' cute.

Today, they are 2 years and 20 days old. They have full heads of curly hair, no wrinkles (except those caused by excess chub), and they look like little dudes. Even more flippin' cute.

I'm blessed.

I love my kids, even when they are bat shit crazy and I feel like running screaming from the house. All 3 are flippin' cute.

And, I really, really love my husband. He puts up with me. And, you may not know me, but that is saying a lot. I'm a total pile. And ... (yep) he's flippin' cute.

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