Thursday, November 5, 2009


In the morning, get yer rear to Catscrap, asap. My girl Lizzy is debuting her new designing skillllz. Her templates are way, way cool. I am not ordinarily a template girl, they get me all woozy in the gut. However, Lizzy's templates are EASY to use and fab. I mean, the girl can scrap, yo! So of course she can make some amazing templates!!!!!

Here are a few layouts I've done recently with her templates:

So, yeah. Check out Catscrap in the morning and take a peek at Lizzy's shtuffs. You won't be sorry! She is running contests and whatnot as well!

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Pam said...

Oh I was dying to know what it was that Fizz was designing so I'm glad to see it's templates me being a template freak and all! Great job with them Tali!