Sunday, November 8, 2009

Going out today!

I could not be more excited. I'm meeting my sis for lunch and then shopping today. Man, do I ever NEEEEEEEEED this. Sadly I have been thinking for days about where we will eat lunch. The possibilities are endless when you don't have a trio of monsters in tow!

Also sadly, my cat is eating a mouse right outside my patio door. I kindly asked her to do so in private but she refused. iPuke. Jacob and Boden are finding it fascinating. At least it isn't a snake this time, I guess.

So yeah.

Anyway, I have a nice list of things to buy. The train table we want for the twinks is at Target on sale and I got a nice coupon in the mail yesterday. Score! I want a down vest for Ella from Old Navy, and need to get the kiddos their Christmas jammies from Old Navy as well. Need to get books for Ella and Boden (already got Jacob his). And some other stuff. Stuff for my mom and Brent as well.

Eric informed me this morning that we are getting gifts for each other. Yay for me! I am really, really hoping for a necklace from The Vintage Pearl. In particular - this one. But, Eric is so hard to buy for. Like, really hard. Last year I was so excited, so proud of myself. I got him a Blu Ray player. He returned it a week later and we bought my laptop. So f'd up.

PS. My cat has now consumed all of the mouse except a small portion of intestine and a foot. There is blood on my outside rug. I am not happy, and I actually gagged while typing that. I have a strong stomach, it takes a lot to make me gag. Believe me. When you go through the nasty c-section experience I did, you learn to deal with things like this. But I dunno. A mousey foot gets to me.

Happy Sunday.

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Therese said...

That is why I don´t have cats :)