Monday, December 28, 2009

Project 52

So, last year I started Project 365 - you take a photo each day of the year and blog it or scrap it, or just take the dang thing. I think I made it 2 whole weeks.

We are a boring group. I rarely go anywhere other than picking Ella up from school and maybe to the grocery store once a week. So, it's hard to find things to photograph. I can only take so many photos of mundane objects around my house, or photos of the kids.

But I love the idea of it - journaling your life is something really important. One day we'll find all of this crap interesting, right?

So this year I'm going to try Project 52. I'll pick one photo a week. I should be able to find one interesting photo, right?

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Laure said...

I think it's a good idea!! I used to present the pictures of the month, without any rules, and I have begun my own 365 project for ten days...but don't really know how long it will last!! I know myself, and I know it's hard to find time in a mom's life to snap moments of the day!!! But no matter if I surrender, the important is to try!!