Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another snow day!

We can't get away from the snow this year. I know, I know. I live in the Midwest - why does this surprise me? But, we got 24 inches in 3 days over Christmas, and today we are getting another 5. Ella's on her 5th snow day of the school year. 5 inches of snow isn't much, not around here anyway, but with the major freezing temps (we have a high of -3 today) and the high winds (50 mph) they canceled school. I'm glad for it. I don't want to travel on the roads today, especially not twice since Ella would have had dance practice as well. So. Another snow day. Movies, snacks, maybe an art project if I feel crazy. Angela over at Catscrap, my fellow lovely MSA loser (she's ok with me calling her a loser, by the way) shared a super fun craft involving a frying pan, tinfoil, paper shapes, and crayons. I need to dig up the link, but, it is pretty cool. Trust me.

I'm excited for lunch as I made Peeeee Dub's Sherried Tomato Soup last night for supper and I have a feeling the leftovers are going to blow my mind.

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