Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What the truck?

Get this, party people. I decided to start running.


Even weirder if you know me. I'm totally unathletic. Lazy. Not a big outdoorsy-type chick. This running thing is so far away from my comfort zone, I'm calling international collect right now.

But, I'm doing it.

Even weirder?

I *love* this shit. LOVE it. I just started week 5 of the Couch to 5k program. Did day one yesterday. And I actually completed it!

I've lost weight doing this crazy stuff. I'm down at least 2 inches in my jeans size, down at least one size in shorts, down a size in shirts. AND! I bought a new bikini yesterday (Hellooooo Target!) and the bottoms are a size smaller than my other bikini. Bonus??? I look GOOD in it. I an say that honestly and without embarrassment. I look good! It's nuts.

I credit some really special ladies for the motivation for this. Peppermint and Christine totally inspired me to start running. And a handful of other ladies (Renee, Sarah, Lex, Becky, Dana, Lauren, Som, Lizzy) are all motivating me along the way. They be speshul, yo.

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mrshobbes said...

It's all YOU, you sexy beast!! I'm so so happy for you and excited at the bikini news! Seriously--you must show piccies!!! :D