Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Part Deux

Homebound again! Monday Ella got out of school at 1:30, we headed home and got out the pj's. Yesterday, no school. Today, no school. Our wind and snow is done but the temps are frigid (-18 or so overnight not including wind chill) so the school district decided to stay closed, which is fine with me. I hate thinking of all the kiddos waiting for school buses and out on the roads in that cold!

So, when the school is closed I don't work either, and we've been home together. Eric was home yesterday as well. We took that opportunity to finish our taxes (Hells yes!!!). Today he's back at work but the kids and I are pretty lazy. Lots of games, Wii, and some cleaning for Ella's birthday party on Saturday.

Also, grocery list making. I've started planning our menu for the whole month and doing one big shopping trip (not including stuff we run out of, fresh fruit, milk, etc). So, I'm working on my menu and list today. I may just get on the elliptical again.

And, I've got it in my head to do 2 half marathons this summer. WHAT?

Stay tuned for Day 2 of Willette's Joy of Love series.

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