Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13, 2008

So, a little update on the boys.

On November 26th Boden had an echocardiogram to check on the VSD he had (small hole between the lower chambers of his heart). That has closed up, so, huge relief there.

The boys have been getting RSV shots every 4 weeks. I really hope they work and Jacob and Boden don't come down with it. For preemies it is a pretty big deal. Ella had RSV twice and we were lucky - she was never sick enough to land in the hospital. So, having the extra protection of the RSV shots is good for piece of mind at least.

On January 4th Jacob had a BAER hearing test. He had not passed his hearing tests in the NICU for his right ear and this test is more thorough than the ones they do in the NICU. He had to be sedated for the BAER but took it like a champ. He has passed both ears now and we are really happy about that.

On January 9th the boys had a NICU follow-up appointment with Dr. Khan, one of their neonatologists (he is the doc that was there when they were born). They are looking really good - Jacob is 18 pounds and Boden is 16 pounds. He told us that we can now start using regular formula instead of the preemie stuff - he said if we continue with the preemie stuff the boys will end up obese! The main thing he stressed for us is to remember that the boys were 8 weeks early, and we need to go by their adjusted age rather than actual age, when it comes to milestones and development. He stressed that we not compare them to other babies their age. Right now they are almost 6 months old but their adjusted age is only 4 months.

They have their 6 month appointment with Dr. Olson on Friday and they get another round of shots. Not my favorite appointment - it is hard to comfort one baby and help hold another baby getting shots. Eric has to work so I go it alone.

Both boys are such good sleepers, we got so lucky. They have been sleeping through the night since they were 3 months.
Eric took this pic of them in the tub the other night. They love baths! Boden is on the left and Jacob is on the right. They are looking more and more identical every day.

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