Sunday, January 13, 2008

When a fridge goes nuts

We recently had our fridge go a little nuts. Not fun.

Wednesday we took off for Sioux Falls for J's & B's NICU follow-up appointments. Ella went to daycare. When we got home at about 4:30 or so, our freezer and fridge were warm. Lovely.

We saved what we could. Chucked a ton of food. Not cool. Thankfully that night and next day were chilly enough to keep the food we saved in the garage and breezeway. Eric told me we now had a walk in fridge. Ha. Ha.

The next day a repairman came out to check out the problem. Good thing it was only a bum relay switch, or we would have either been without a fridge until new parts came, or had to buy a new fridge. Yikes.

The good thing to come out of it was that we cleaned our fridge and freezer out really well. No more ancient soy sauce!

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