Monday, January 14, 2008


Eric and I have been remodeling/building something in our house pretty much since we moved in. We have gone from project to project. Last year at this time we were just finishing up remodeling our kitchen. Now we are finishing with part of the basement - a 2nd bathroom and playroom. We spent our weekend doing that fun stuff. Eric tiled the bathroom and I painted the playroom. Yesterday while the kids napped we tiled the hallway from the bathroom to the stairs. Now we need to grout. Then I will paint and hang pics on the wall. We also have trim left to do but we are both at the point where we could care less about that!

Yesterday we also moved Ella's toys into the playroom!! Yay! That was a big job and it isn't organized like I would like it, but we need some shelving first. I guess that is next on the list.

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