Thursday, February 7, 2008

Miss Ella's first dentist visit

Ella had her first trip to the dentist today. It went really well. We took her to the Karmazin office in Beresford. Their staff is SO great. They also have an office in Sioux Falls.

Anyway, they took Ella back all by herself. She did so well. We are really proud of her. The hygenist showed her all the tools and told her that the name of their suction thingie was Mr. Thirsty. They had a TV on the wall playing cartoons so of course Ella was glued to that. They counted her teeth and cleaned them and put flouride on them. She got a ring and a bracelet for being such a good girl. They even had grape scented latex gloves and special bibs printed with Dr. Seuss.

After they were done with her they had me come in and explained what they did to me. They didn't do XRays on her this time, maybe next time they thought.

I got her a Mater and Sheriff set for being such a good girl. :) I also got a few pics, of course.

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