Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I haven't updated in quite awhile, although I'm not sure that anyone reads this except for me so it probably isn't a big deal. :)

Anyway, our internet connection has been hideously slow due to my downloading of digital scrapbook stuff (apparently I went over our "download threshhold").

Ella is going to be going to preschool in Beresford in the fall - we are really excited about it. It is in Beresford - the Watchpuppy Depot. It sounds like a great program.

I found out that Backyardigans (Ella's #1 fav show) is coming to Sioux Falls in April so I am working on tickets. She will be so excited!

The boys are doing graet. They are pros at sitting up and are getting closer (I think) to crawling. And Mr. Jacob got his first tooth this weekend!

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