Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A new day

So ... my headache is winding down, I think. Crossing my fingers on that one. Thanks to Cat for kicking me in the butt and telling me to drink more water. I think that is helping. I hate drinking water, and it really takes a lot of internal yelling for me to sit down and drink a glass. Anyway, thanks Cat. ;)

Tomorrow night Eric is throwing the annual party at his job for his employees. May be fun, I'm not sure yet. Hopefully the weather isn't too hot. It has been raining for quite awhile here today.

Sad news ... the flash on my camera is broken or has burned out. I am so bummed. I am looking online for a replacement part, only found one site that sells them and it is $50. Better than buying a new camera, but I don't know how long it will take to get here. Eric thinks he can replace it himself, I sure hope so.

On to moron news for the day. I am a world-class klutz, most everyone that knows me, knows this. I have bruises on my body that I don't even remember getting. I run into walls, doorways, counters, desks. Well, yesterday I did one for the record books. Ella has this little pink plastic Little Mermaid stool. It was in J&B's bedroom, and I was changing a rather nasty diaper on B. Ella came into their room with a juice box, which is a huge no-no (I don't want to clean juice up off carpet!). So, I kept a hand on B, took a step to tell her to go back to the kitchen, and sorta half-stepped on the stool. I hit the 2nd rung, which has a very sharp plastic edge. I managed to rip a chunk of skin off my 2nd toe. Here is a pic. It hurts like a mother. Yeeeeowww!! It bled all night and is still bleeding a little. The problem is that I can't keep off my feet for very long, and chasing kiddos is not helpful for stopping bleeding on the feet. :)


Cat said...

Glad to here the fluids are working!!

I am sorry hun, I was laughing my head off at the visual, seriously I am a big klutz too so am glad that someone else is.

But, DUDE, that is one hell of a cut!! It looks painful, in fact, my toes curled in sympathy looking at it! I hope it gets better soon, keep it clean and try and rest as much as possible (I know, I know impossible with little ones running your ragged, but try!)

Look, there is the mom in me coming out AGAIN!

katg1006 said...

Tali - OMG That looks massively painful!!! Ouchie!!! ((hugs)) Hope it feels better!!