Monday, August 4, 2008

New stuff

So ... where do I start? Haven't updated in awhile.

Kat - my toe is doing much better. Almost completely healed. It still hurts when I wear sandals so I'm not trucking around completely normally yet, but soon I think.

Also Miss Kat - the Chicken Milanese tonight was SO good!!! Even Ella ate a whole chicken breast herself, which is amazing considering how shitty she has been eating lately - Saturday night I think she ate one bite of hotdog and 2 green beans. So, I was pumped about the chicken. If you want the recipe let me know! It was fairly simple.

So. I am really excited, Eric's sister Monica asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding in April!! It will be my first time being a bridesmaid. She is getting married in Vegas. Never been to Vegas either! She made me the cutest card to ask me.

Hmmm, what else. Tomorrow night I am trying a new recipe for Italian Beef Sandwiches - you use a beef roast in the crockpot and some other stuff. Bought some yummy rolls to go with 'em. Hopefully it turns out!

The boys are nutso. Completely! Love them so stinkin' much. They are such a blast right now, crawling everywhere, almost always happy, laughing, smiling. Such a riot.

Monday they are getting haircuts again! It has only been 5 weeks, my gosh. Their hair is so out of control curly! I have some pics on the camera I need to post - Jacob's hair is so wild.

Also, on an exciting note - I'm getting my hair done next Tuesday! YIPPEEE!! My ends are shitty from occasional straightening, it needs a trim pretty badly. I hate to trim my hair, I love having long hair. But, I need it done and kinda want a fun cut, more layers or something. So ... good luck to me. ;) I'm also in need of another color, my roots are scary!

We leave for vacation August 17-21!!

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katg1006 said...

So glad to hear the toe is on the mend!!! :)

That is fabulous about being a bridesmaid - how fun and in Vegas too!! Wooooot!

Look at those cutie pies :) They are so adorable!