Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 2

I'm feeling a little funky today. Money issues plague my life and I just hate that. Christmas coming, a big trip coming, it is very hard right now. Blah blah.

This is why my grats are so very important. I need to focus on what I'm grateful for and maybe that will make the bad things seem smaller.

Today I'm grateful:
  • That Eric came home last night from being away for a few days
  • That it isn't snowing yet
  • For a new face in the White House, hopefully bringing change to our great country


faery-wings said...

I hear ya sweetie. They say that money doesn't bring happiness, but it sure makes it easier.
But we'll get there!!

sally aka cellomom said...

Hey hun!!! having money is right up there with oxygen, huh? I'm with you!! {{hugs}} thanks for taking the journey with me!!!