Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Days 7 and 8

Day 7 grats (Tuesday)
  • For a nice cozy house in this freezing weather
  • That Ella and I made it to and from dance safely in the fog
  • For my family
Day 8 grats (Wednesday)
  • That the ENT thinks Jacob's throat 'thingie' is nothing scary
  • That I made it through most of today without losing my mind completely
  • That Eric will be home soon


sally aka cellomom said...

OHhhhh Tali...what a great list of grats!! So glad Jakers throat thingie isn't a scary thingie!!! :)

faery-wings said...

Ugh, so jealous of a cozy house, mine is freezing.
Lots of good thoughts to Jakers throat. And I thought of you yesterday- had to drive home in some nasty fog as well- yikes!