Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Waaaay behind!

Yikes! I have fallen pretty behind on my gratitudes. Oops!

Although I'm not grateful that Eric is gone right now, I'm grateful for things that go along with it, so that is what I'm listing today. :)

Today I'm grateful:
  • That Eric has the opportunity to work for his dad and make money for Christmas gifts
  • That my sister and her boyfriend came out to hang out with me tonight, and brought Chinese for supper
  • That I have made it 3 whole days without my hubby here, and I've made it without losing my mind!
  • That our neighbor has been helping by picking Ella up and taking her to school in the mornings, so I don't have to wake the boys up early and get them ready and take them out in the cold.
  • That it is closer to Friday, and closer to Eric coming home!
  • That absence makes the heart grow fonder, or however that saying goes. :)

1 comment:

faery-wings said...

You so rock Tali! And here's to one more day till YMG comes home!!!