Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Shopping (very nearly) DONE!

Eric and I had a fabulous day yesterday. Eric's mom came to watch the kids after we got home from church, and we took off for Sioux Falls. We got a lot of shopping done! Only one person left, and we know what to get, just have to get it. I have 2 small fun homemade projects to do as well, but that is easy and won't take long.

I'm excited to start wrapping! I'm using Liz's (Paislee Press) gorgeous labels this year. I bought some pretty kraft raffia to tie them on with.

I found a Fancy Nancy doll for Ella!!!!! YAY!!!!! I am so excited. She is going to trip!

We also had a really nice supper at Red Lobster, just the 2 of us. We needed that pretty badly. It was so relaxing.

It was such a great day. :) It really increased my holiday spirit.


Sabine said...

Ha, Christmas shopping! Still have some to do too! Will be looking forward seeing your hybrid projects.
And so glad you enjoyed your day with your husband. Have a nice week!

Val said...

I am done with christmas shopping!
I too can't wait to see the hybride...
good luck to end ( in time) the Xmas shopping, and have a great time

Mary Ellen said...

So glad you and Eric had fun shopping. I love the Red Lobster too. We started wrapping our gifts and assembling toys last night. So fun!!

sally aka cellomom said...

Tali!!! remind me again what it's like to eat out with Mr Gorgeous???? LOL!!! sooo glad your weekend was SUPERB!!! Hugs, darling!!