Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year is here!

Wow. No posts in forever, and here it is 2009!

This year, I'm gonna get healthy. It isn't a resolution, really, I just need to do it. Mostly I want to lose my twin-related baby belly. So, we will see. I joined up with the Healthy O's at and I think that will offer me the support, motivation, and push I need to do this thing.

Christmas came and went, and was officially over at our house yesterday after a fun celebration with my family. Lots of awesome food. Now, here I am with yummy cookies and other leftovers, and trying to be good!

We got a new laptop on Friday. I am over the moon excited. It runs Vista and I had never used that, so I'm still getting used to it. But, it is so great to hang out in my comfy chair and scrap, chat, play games, etc. WOW!!!

Ella's birthday is in 23 days. Got her invites out, cake pan is here. Now, gotta get her gifts. We are doing a pool party this year, we thought the kids would love that.

I'm gonna try to check in more often!

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Nichole said...

here you are!! it's been a while!

cheers to us healthy Oer's!!?!