Friday, January 23, 2009

Big news for me, and a special birthday sale!

Eric was gone to West Virginia from Saturday to Thursday, and I nearly went nuts. Luckily my mom came and helped me.

Now, for my big news! Shen of Creashens asked me to CT for her! I am over the moon about this. She is SO talented and so sweet. I am in really good company there - I am still blown away to be among the talented ladies on her team!

Shen is having a 35% off sale in honor of her 35th birthday today!!!! Check out Catscrap and

and Two Little Pixels for her awesome products and the sale.

I applied for and was accepted onto Janelle Gustafson's Tag Team for Cafe J. I am excited about this too! Cafe J is at After Five Designs -

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Mrs. JayBob said...

Tali - I have a blog award for you! You can snag it on my blog:)