Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally - a beautiful weekend!

The weather yesterday (and today) was/is just gorgeous. I am kind of a baby about heat, so, 75-80 is about as hot as I like to get. So, yesterday was perfect.

Ella went camping with Eric's parents and his sister Monica. So, Friday it was just me and the boys. It was so fun to be with just the 2 of them, with some 2 on 1 time. ;) Saturday morning we packed up and joined everyone at Newton Hills for the day - eating and playing, and spending time at the beach. We got some sun but it wasn't blazing hot. My kids are just nuts about the water. Boden in particular is fearless, which is both good and bad!

On the beach note ---- I got bitten by a LEECH!!!!!!!!!! Gross. I'm not usually grossed out by bugs and that kind of thing, but, this leech being attached to my foot was pretty nasty. Bah.

Anyway, last night I hauled 2 sleeping twinks home and I relaxed the rest of the night. It was quiet and peaceful and kinda what I needed. I have had a migraine since Friday, and peace was perfect for me.

And on the migraine note --- I have been noticing that my migraines are usually covering only the right side of my head/face. Kinda weird. When I showered yesterday it hurt to wash my face, because my whole face just hurts.

So, now Jacob and Boden and I are hanging out waiting for Eric and Ella to come home from camping. Not sure what we'll do today. My headache is hanging in so I might see if I can snag a nap when they get home.

But - tonight we have disc 3 of True Blood: Season 1 to watch, episodes 5 & 6 I think. I loved the books and the show is pretty good too. Makes me wish we had HBO!!

I need to update my header and blog template. Eesh. Enough blue face.

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