Friday, June 26, 2009

Forever ago

I haven't blogged in months. Life has been crazy, although I can't name anything specifically. Summer has started so Eric's schedule is all over the place. I hate the heat, and the humidity, and the long hours he is away. Summer is not my favorite season.

Ella has her dance recital at the end of May, and I could not be more proud of how well she did. She was very afraid of the stage at her first practice held on it. She asked us not to make her do her recital, and to call her aunties and grandparents and "cancel the recital." Eric and I didn't know what to do. I wanted so badly to see her perform, and we had spent quite a bit of money on her costume and monthly tuition, plus tights and all that happy crap. Well, we talked up her recital like crazy for the next few days, and I found her dance music online and she practiced and "performed" for us at home a lot. That actually made all the difference, and she rocked her dress rehearsal and 2 performances. It was so fun and I was in tears watching her. My little girl, all grown up!

She is a little bored at home now that preschool is done, I think. I am trying my best to keep her learning, keep her practicing her letters, that kind of thing. We are thinking of starting an allowance type thing with her. So, we'll see. She has a current obsession with Littlest Pet Shop. Eeesh. She is such a smart peanut, and wants to be outside all the time. I think we are going to start her on learning to ride her bike without training wheels this summer. We got the pool up and she LOVES to swim underwater. I wish I could get her in swimming lessons - I think she'd love it!

Jacob and Boden are almost 2. :( It breaks my heart in ways I can't explain. There is something so sad for me, knowing that they are no longer babies, and the times that they climb in my lap for a cuddle are becoming fewer and fewer. I think knowing we will never have a little baby in our house again is hard for me. They really are growing up too fast for me to handle. I find myself getting sad about their birthday, much more bummed out than their 1st birthday for some reason. They are such little miracles, and there were many days and weeks and months where we did not know if we would ever meet them, let alone celebrate birthdays. I need to focus on that instead of getting down that my little guys are growing up.

So, J & B aren't really talking much yet. They can do some animal sounds, some sign language, and the occasional dada or mama, but that is it. They are getting speech therapy and I'ms taying focused on helping them learn rather than feeling guilty for the fact that they aren't speaking yet. Easier said than done.

We finally got a fence, and that has made all the difference in playing outside. I no longer worry that if I turn my head to look at one kid, one of the other 2 will run off into the woods and I'll lose them forever. We also did some landscaping and Eric and I are so excited about how the backyard looks now. It is so much more enjoyable to spend time outside!

I'm still doing a lot of scrapbooking, but I don't have as much time for it, and I have cut back on a few creative teams. That was a hard decision to make, and I still don't know if it was the right one. But, it's done now. And it is pretty fun to shop for supplies now and then and scrap some pages without worrying about deadlines.

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