Monday, June 29, 2009

McD's and shopping

We are in need of some major grocery shopping! Our fridge is SO empty. So I convinced hubby that we need to go to Vermillion tonight, eat at McD's, and get some groceries. He agreed quickly, mostly because he's in the doghouse, but also partially b/c he knows we have zero groceries.

Just so you know - I am pretty excited about eating at McDonald's. I mean, the main reason I picked it is because they have the Ice Age movie toys there and Miss Ella is nuts about those movies. But also - who can resist those french fries?! YUM. And, not having to clean up after a meal tonight sounds amazing.

I'm so excited for groceries. So, so excited.

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Pam said...

Tali, I have to admit you are the first Adult I know to be excited about going to McD's! LOL!