Monday, June 29, 2009

To Do!

I have a few things I have been putting off accomplishing. These are the kind of things that do not cause trouble when they go undone, but, are the kind of things that bug the hell out of me since I know they are sitting there, waiting for my attention.

1. Printing photos: I am pretty behind. I like having photos in my kids' albums. I haven't printed photos since October 2o07. Funny thing - that is when I started digiscrapping. Coincidence? I think not. Now, that is a huge task since I'm almost 2 years behind. Plus, having 3 kids to print for makes it hard. I take probably 300 photos a month, minimum. So, what I decided to do is pick 2 photos of each child per month, unless there are some really outstanding shots or big events in there, and just print those.

2. Delete photos: Again, this is because I take too many photos. I just shoot, shoot, shoot and I get a ton of crappy ones and a few good ones. And I never delete the crappy ones. I just pop that little SD card into my laptop and there they go. So, I need to delete. I have a lot of blurry, back-of-the-head and repeat photos that need to take a hike.

3. Deal with Mozy: I need to signup for Mozy, for a year I think. I need something to back this laptop up. I have an EHD for our desktop but I never use that stupid thing anymore.

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