Monday, June 29, 2009

Recent Layouts

Here are a few of my more recent layouts. I have been looking back at how much my style has changed, even just in the last 6 months. Crazy. I am almost always happy with how my pages turn out now, whereas 6 months ago I usually wished I could change something when I was done. For credits, check out my galleries. :)

I like this one because it was a silly little moment, but one that we will remember forever now that it's on paper. And I love these new frames that Shen made last week. Super cool.

I like this one because it is simple, and it makes me happy. And, I adore this photo. My mom made those chairs. She is so, so talented. Also - it wasn't a posed shot, which I dig. I did this for the Scrap Mash challenge at CatScrap. I had to count my blessings, use orange on my page, use flowers, and my title had to be made up of 2 fonts.

I love this one because I think this photo is fabulous. And I took it myself! ;) I kept this page really simple and I had to stop myself from adding more crap to it.

I love this one because I pushed myself. I rarely use a colored paper on my pages.

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