Thursday, August 27, 2009

An amazing chiropractic experience

So. I finally got to the point of no return with my back, and had to make a chiropractor appointment. I've never been to one before, so I was scared pantsless. Turns out I had a reason to be.

She was a totally normal looking chick. 35-40 years old, I'd say. Dressed in nice black capri pants, dressy little black and white patterned shirt.

Things went well at first. She did a little poking around and found that both my hips were out and had rotated back. No wonder I was in pain. Damn slip & slide.

So, she tells me she is going to pop them back in place. Commence being scared even more pantsless.

She lays me on my side, crosses my leg over and bent up. She pokes around my back and then does a full-on body slam onto my hip. Scared the ever-loving hell out of me. I started laughing hysterically. I just wasn't expecting that. Then, she has to do the other side, and by this time I am ready to run for the door.

Good grief.

Anyway, I'm still in pain. Eric is home with me today and my amazing sis is coming tomorrow so I can rest my back and not lift the chunk-a-dunk twins, so that hopefully my ligaments will heal and hold my hips in place where they should be.

Chiropractor - 1; Tali - 0


Jenni said...

holy crap Tali!!!!

Nichole said...

you set that up sooo nicely, what with the classy outfit she had on and all!!!!!
you should have just taken another run at the slip and slide! bwahahaha

i'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh at your pain!! but this was funny!!

hope you get well soon!

Pam said...

OK Tali how do you expect people not to laugh when you say things like chunk a dunk twins and Chiro 1 Tali 0? I'm sorry you are in pain! Feel better soon!

Mrs. Hobbes said...

oh jeeezuz! was my first reaction

holy bubbaloo that is HILARIOUS was my second! (sorry) poor wee chunk-a-dunk twinnies :(

Seriously though, rest up and you come right back for a second round with the sado-maso-chiro