Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th? Gonna go with a yes.

Took the miracle twinks to the ENT today for hearing tests. Their doc suggested this at their 3-year appointment last month. I took them a few weeks ago myself, not realizing it was a huge no-no for one mom to take 2 children to have hearing tests done. You didn't know that either? Interesting.

So, Eric came along today to help wrangle.

Boden did fine.

Jacob's left ear has severe hearing loss.

This is a shock to me and I'm pretty f'd up about it. His speech delay is more severe than Boden's so I guess it makes sense.

He is being referred for an ABR test soon to find out the extent of the hearing loss.

The audiologist actually mentioned hearing aids.

I'm sick.

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Nicole LeBlanc said...

My little guy was born with hearing loss in one ear. It's definitely hard to take when you get the news. He turns one next week. We still haven't decided what we'll do since he's so young...hearing aid, etc. I'd be interested to hear what you'll do with your little guy. Any advice on the subject is good to hear!